What would happen if you were desperately honest with yourself? 

100% discreet, passport-ready dominatrix.


Mystery and the search for new sensations are anchored in me. Dinners with men who are chic in appearance and very submissive inside provoke and excitement me. I reserve my precious time only for men who have an encompassing and carnal need of bodily submission.


When I was a child my femininity took a dark turn and transformed me into a sadistic and demanding lover, and so I am in a constant search for the strongest of men who will completely submit to me. After all, it is the strongest of us who feel they can relinquish their fear of losing control.

The cardinal ingredient for effective communication, in all types of relationships, is focused attention, and that is what I have chosen as my primary activity in life. Thus, my style has a wide range, depending on my mood. I am always thinking, feeling, and growing with my clients and we develop each session together.

Passionate, experienced, and always attentive, I will push your boundaries and invite you to explore a world where reality and fantasy blend together. If you are my sub, you are coming to serve me, and my desires are what will guide our time together. 

I am selective about my subs, and prefer quality over quantity. Your level of experience is of little importance, but your willingness and sincerity are imperative. I will train the most inexperienced sub to serve me, or gladly toy with those who have had years dedicated to the pleasure of serving a Dominatrix. A first session with me is required before deciding whether a longer adventure together is possible. 

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